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The highest quality wellness supplements and natural skincare possible

Using only the finest ingredients, latest scientific methodology, expert insight, and passion for excellence, we produce the highest quality products possible. Our range of wellness, skin and personal care products are all about the fusion of science and nature. Thanks to the expertise of our formulation and product development team and our years of experience, we use proven processes and carefully selected ingredients to ensure every product is the absolute best it can be. We don’t test on animals. And, when it comes to quality, it’s no secret we’re obsessed.

Insight & Innovation

In creating our products, we’re building on the legacy established by Lifeplus founder J. Robert (Bob) Lemon, R.Ph (a pharmacist and pioneer in the field of nutritional supplementation) and Dr. Dwight McKee (a specialist in oncology, nutritional science and complementary medicine). Their unique intuition and vision into how nutrients can be synergistically combined to support holistic wellness continues to influence our product development today.

As one example of the importance of synergy, let’s take our Vitamin-C-Plus. Clearly the prime ingredient here is vitamin C, but our formulators know that by adding certain other ingredients, namely acerola cherry extract and bioflavonoids hesperidin and rutin, the synergistic support they give will facilitate better bioavailability and absorption of the vitamin C.

It is the precedent set by Bob Lemon and Dr. McKee that keeps our formulation team combing today’s scientific literature, diving into newly discovered epigenetic connections to nutrition, evaluating how nutritional combinations can support the optimization of human physiology, and then blending this knowledge with wisdom passed down through the ages from systems of wellness thousands of years old.

Not only is it the synergistic nature of the nutrients themselves, but also the synergy between current day science with age old natural wisdom that is foundational to Lifeplus products.


We’ve already said quality is an obsession for us. By manufacturing nearly all our products at our own facility in Batesville, Arkansas, we can ensure optimum quality. Our Quality Assurance team is made up of PhDs, chemists, biologists and technicians and they monitor every detail, from the purity of our source ingredients to the composition of the final product. Nothing leaves our premises unless we are absolutely certain it meets our exacting standards and, with one person in Quality Assurance for every two in Manufacturing and Production, we have the resource to ensure this.

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