Are You Turning 65 Or Retiring in 2020?


Are you or your spouse turning 65 or retiring in 2020? First, please accept our congratulations on a job well done! What a wonderful milestone … what are you going to do with yourself? I’m sure you already have that bucket list prioritized, checking prices and availability, and getting that suitcase ready to go!!

You’re already there in your mind’s eye … enjoying your first stress-free destination of the “golden years.”  Whether you’re visiting a warm beach while it’s really cold back at home or skiing on a beautiful, chilly ski slope while temps back at home are sweltering; we want your retirement to be everything you’ve always dreamed.

You may be wondering at this point why your local, trusted insurance agent is so concerned about your retirement.  I’d like to explain.  We have the privilege of meeting with people, just like yourself, every day in our work.  Hard working people who have relied on group health insurance throughout their career to keep themselves healthy.  With retirement, comes the transition from group health insurance to Medicare and that’s where we get to shine!

As our community’s local, trusted independent insurance agency for 25 years and counting, we have had people literally hug us – in tears – when they realize we are Medicare advisors.  We can answer all of your transition to Medicare questions.  We will help you understand the ABCs of the transition.  During our free, confidential consultation, we will review the different parts of Medicare, the premiums and deductibles that apply to each as well as available Medicare supplements, prescription drug plans, Medicare Advantage, etc.

Our clients find meeting face-to-face, with a long-standing, local insurance agency to be much more pleasant than holding on the phone for an agent, only to realize they still don’t have the correct person or that the correct person doesn’t communicate to their liking.  Meeting with one of our agents in person is so much easier than internet search and guess work, as well.

New Medicare recipients have specific timelines in which they may choose the product of their choice, with no medical questions.  If this timeline is missed; the financial impact could be large and long-lasting.  We’ll guide you through every.single.step as we evaluate your needs and the options available to you.  Think of us as your Medicare Travel Agent – we have the knowledge and experience you need navigate the uncharted waters of transitioning from group health insurance to Medicare.

As an employee, you have a great employee benefits team who looks out for your insurance needs and holds your hand through any claim issues or questions; don’t take on the stress of the employee benefits division when your retire! Keep your golden years as stress free as possible.   Let the Medicare advisors at Randy Reichardt Insurance Agency become your benefits team.

We’re 25 years strong and counting, we’re deeply rooted in our community, and serving your Medicare needs would be an honor.   We’re here to assist you, please call 870 698-2928 for your appointment today.

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