Insure Your Wonderful Life

Insure Your Wonderful Life

Part of the reason “It’s a Wonderful Life” is one of the most popular holiday movies is that everybody tends to take things for granted. We all face struggles that sometimes make us wonder, like George Bailey, if things wouldn’t just be better had we never been born.

The movie does a great job of showing George, and those of us watching, just how worse off his world would have been if he had never existed. When his guardian angel Clarence softly says, “You see, George, you’ve really had a wonderful life,” we’re not only thinking about George; we’re also mentally weighing the scales on our own lives, families and friends.

During this season of gracious joy and memory making—while you’re snuggled together in your pajamas with family or gathering with your extended loved-ones, co-workers and friends—we ask you to consider: What would life be like for those you’ve touched if you were no longer present?

Could your family keep the home where those memories of past movie-nights were made? Would your mother and father-in-law be called upon to help support your loved ones? Would they be able? What about the small business you own—would there be enough capital to keep the doors open and your employees in jobs? Would friends be called upon, in addition to emotional support, for financial assistance as well for your family?

These are all sobering thoughts at Christmastime, but important ones for the security of the family you love and the relationships you’ve built and cherish. There’s no better time than the changing of the calendar year to sit down with an insurance advisor to talk about protecting your own wonderful life by securing life insurance for yourself and your family. There are more options available than ever, and we will gladly help you learn about and understand them all.

From all of us at Reichardt Insurance, Merry Christmas and thank you for your trust and friendship!

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